Laws and Standards

All home inspections must be done according to the Standards of Practice and

Standards of Behavior [812-008-0201 thru 812-008-0214].

Statutes (ORS 701)

Administrative Rules (OAR 812)

Home Inspector Consumer Protection Notice
This notice replaces the Home Inspector Summary and the Home Inspector Summary/Standards. By rule, Home Inspectors were required to provide their customers one of the two notices.

Oregon Contractors License Search

This online search provides valuable information on licensed contractors.  Check to see if a contractor is actively licensed, check the complaint history and learn if there are outstanding CCB orders to pay damages.

Looking for a Home Inspector
This brochure offers important information when selecting and working with a home inspector.

Lead Base Paint  

Lead Base Paint Frequently asked questions for sale of property or target housing on the Certified LBPR Contractors License and the RRP program.

Oregon Wood Stoves

Oregon woodstove frequently asked questions for the sale of property.

What You Should Know About Selling or Buying a Home with a Woodstove

Fact Sheet

Wells & Water Quality

when selling real estate that includes a domestic well, property owners are required to test the water for arsenic, nitrate and total coliform bacteria. Starting January 1 2010.

Oregon Smoke Alarm –

Oregon Carbon Monoxide Alarm –

Permanent Carbon Monoxide Alarm Rules
Effective December 28, 2010

Oregon Carbon Monoxide Alarm PDF –

licensed in Washington Inspectors in the state of Washington, you must be by July 1, 2010.

New Home Warranties
The information in this brochure helps homeowners understand what a warranty is and the warranty requirements on a newly constructed home In Oregon.

Manufactured Dwelling Repairs
Repairs to manufactured dwelling sometimes require special circumstances that may need to be considered.